Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fun Facts

Audrey Niffenegger, author of the runaway best-seller The Time Traveler's Wife, received close to $5 million as an advance for her second novel, Her Fearful Symmetry. According to Writer's Digest, it's "a ghost story set in and around London's famed Highgate Cemetery...mirror-image twins inherit their aunt's flat and begin to question their identities, the bonds of sisterhood, and whether their aunt is really gone after all." But $5 million dollars. Wow.


The holidays will be here before we know it -- I should know by the fact that we had snow yesterday - on October 15th!! Yikes...I'm not ready!

But anyway, as those days of hot cocoa and carols fast approach, what are you going to buy the writers and readers in your life? Books? Bookstore gift cards? A cozy throw and slippers for curling up while reading that shiny new book? I think I'm adding an ebook reader to my list this year. Since my books all release in ebook prior to print, I'm thinking I should support the industry and actually own one. Plus I sort of like the idea of carrying around a bunch of books on an electronic device that can fit in my purse~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Writers' Wednesday: Tackling the Galley

Before I became published, I didn't have the foggiest notion of all the steps that occurred between submitting a manuscript to a publisher and seeing the finished product on the shelves of a bookstore. Now, 3 books in and 2 more to come in 2010, I have a better idea. And I'll be honest: it's a long, lengthy process. Right now, I'm tackling the galley of One Night in Napa, which will release May 1, 2010.

What is a galley? It's the final author look at his/her manuscript before it's released in print, permanently. This means that the publisher sends you the complete document for you to read through, page by page, to catch any last-minute errors or wording changes before it's immortalized on the page. Ugh. Utter tedium, as far as I'm concerned.

OK, it's nice to have that last look at your words before they release in print. But for me, it requires so much close attention that I can only read through a few chapters at a time. I feel wholly responsible for each word, each letter, and I tend to lose concentration after 30 or 40 minutes or so.

So the reading of my galley is consuming my life this week. I try to tackle it little bits at a time, though October 19 is my deadline, so I don't have too much time to play with.

The nice part about the galley? It allows me to fall in love with my story again, to remember why I love these characters their story so much. So as much as I complain about the close reading, I do like being reminded of why I wrote it in the first place. And I hope you'll feel that way as well!

Less than 7 months until One Night in Napa releases in print...I can hardly wait! Can you??