Friday, March 08, 2013

Friday Fun Facts: March Came in Like a Lion...I Think

Well, this is the view outside my window this morning. Looks like March isn't giving up without a fight! And in our part of the county (lower Hudson Valley), we were spared the worst. Lots more east and south of us. I don't we still say March "came in" like a lion? I mean, we're already one week into the month. And yet we haven't had particularly warm days...more like chilly, cloudy, flirting with snow (although my daffodils were trying valiantly to push their way through, a couple of weeks ago). Yeah, I'm going with the lion analogy.

Be safe, everyone! Dream of the "going out like a lamb" side of this month, of sun and warm weather...I know it's out there somewhere!

Wednesday, March 06, 2013

Writers' Wednesdays: Here's What's Happening...

Hi writers! Next week I'll post a summary to all the good stuff in this month's issue of Romance Writers Report - it just came in my mail, and I haven't had a chance to go through it.

But here's a link you might want to check out: Digital Book Today has some great promo opportunities for writers, including their Top Free Books, Guest Blog Posts, and New Releases sections. What I like about this site is that for almost all their promo spots, your book needs to have a minimum 4-star review rating on Amazon. Yes, I know reviews are subjective, but a minimum rating (and a minimum number of reviews, which they require too) can help sort out the really-avoidable-at-all-costs books from the good-ones-you-havent-heard-about-but-should-try ones. Check it out!

And this weekend, I'll be heading to my local RWA chapter for our monthly meeting AND a special lecture by Harlequin author Wendy S. Marcus about blog tours for your ebooks. Since I have a couple coming up in the spring, I can't wait to hear what she has to say. I'll share all the good tips with you next week - stop back and see me!

Monday, March 04, 2013

Monday Mentionables: Reading, Writing, Reviewing...

Happy Monday, everyone! What am I mentioning today?

First, a lovely 4-star Amazon review over the weekend: "Nice story, well written and kept my interest to the end. A story about discovering what you have in life."

Short and sweet, right? If you enjoyed The Promise of Paradise too and feel like leaving a review, I'll be eternally grateful!

Digital Book Today has some great features for both readers and writers. One fun one is their 100 Top Free Books - a listing of the best free books available each day on Amazon's Kindle Store. They rank by number of reviews and the average review, too, so you can see exactly what others have thought.

Don't forget that I'm the Featured Author over at The Romance Studio all month long. Lots of trivia about The Promise of Paradise - and a peek into the soon-releasing Beacon of Love!