Friday, August 23, 2013

Friday Fun Facts: Ah, the Beach!!

One more day on vacation in the Outer Banks (NC) and we've been blessed with beautiful weather all week long. Good for relaxing and tanning...not so good for writing. I mean, who wants to be on her laptop when the rays are calling? That's OK...plenty of time for writing in the future, right? By the way, the beach is as beautiful in the morning:

as it is at night:

Oh! And the audio book version of The Promise of Paradise received its first review the other day: 4 stars :) Always a bit of a relief to know someone liked it!


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Writers' Wednesday: "So, Are Those Real? And Other Bad Pick-Up Lines"

Happy hump day!

Still on vacation, but I brought my laptop and am trying to get a little writing in between the beach and shopping and, well, this:

But yes! I am writing when I'm not in the pool, and right now I'm working on revising an earlier work. The plan is novella length (about 1/3 the length of my regular novels), and just in case you wonder where writers get their ideas, this was what started me thinking about this story, a couple years back:

"Dating Site Gives 30,000 'Ogres' The Boot"

So I'm throwing my heroine into a speed dating activity in the opening chapter , and I'm trying to think of terrible pick-up lines she'll have to face. I posted this question on my Facebook page as well, but I'll ask you too:

What awkward or offensive pick-up lines should she hear while on speed dating?

Monday, August 19, 2013

Monday Mentionables: It's Vacation Time!

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm not going to promise serious, insightful, or otherwise thought-provoking posts this week (sorry...). We're on vacation in the Outer Banks, North Carolina, so while I'm definitely hoping for some writing inspiration, I'm also going to spend a fair amount of time by the pool or on the beach :) I hope, anyway. Storms are heading this way...but so far, sunshine!

This is the view from our room:

And this was a view of the full moon last night:

Meanwhile, I'm be doing some brainstorming about some novella ideas. What do you think about prequels to my One Night books? Would you like to know what came before Boston, Memphis, and Napa? If you need a refresher about these books, some of my earliest, you can check them out here.

Have a great week! Fingers crossed for sunshine here... :)