Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: What You Missed in the RWR

Last week I blogged about the highlights of the latest Writer's Digest. This week, it's the December issue of the Romance Writers Report:

~"Sports Romance: Can They Go All the Way?" discusses the potential rise of sports romance as a niche genre. Football players, hockey goalies, race car gotta admit, there's something about an athlete (in almost any sport) that cries out alpha hero. My writing friend Liz Matis writes sports romance, and she'll be joining other well-known authors like Jaci Burton and Cassandra Carr in 2013 to write a blog on just this sub-genre. Can't wait!

~"Which Path to Published Should You Take?" explores the pros and cons of traditional, e-, and self-publishing, and makes a good case for an author's hybrid approach to incorporating all three (thus my Monday blog post on the possibilities of re-releasing one of my back novels as a self-pubbed ebook through Amazon). I think it's great how the industry has changed to the point where this is a viable, respected alternative to typical New York houses that dominated publishing for so long.

~:Connecting with Readers" talked about how best to use social media (or in-person connections) to build a reader base. Bottom line: find what you're most comfortable with and exploit it, whether that's blogging once a week, chatting on Twitter, or making connections on your Facebook page (and yes, if you're an author, you need at least one of these)/

and finally...

~"Can Free Ebooks Be Profitable?" talked about the ways in which authors have used free ebooks to boost their sales of other books. While it takes some work to format and promote your work (if you're going it alone), it can definitely pay off. It seems as though Amazon's Kindle Direct Program is at least worth a look when it comes to this option.

And that's the high and low of it! Enjoy your Wednesday, and happy writing!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Mentionables: Weighing the Pros & Cons of Self-Publishing

Had a great writers' group meeting and luncheon with my fellow romance authors over the weekend! It's so refreshing and heartening to share stories, celebrate successes, and lament struggles with people who understand. When you say, "I have no idea where to go with this character," they'll make a suggestion. When you want to throw something at the computer screen because everything sounds terrible, they'll tell you to take a walk or clean a closet (believe me, for some reason cleaning really helps free up the creative juices). And when you have no idea how to motivate a character or how to dress her, they'll tell you to take an hour and watch Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In all seriousness, amid the discussion of business, and reading the latest Romance Writers' Report, I found myself toying with the idea of republishing my book Lost in Paradise on Amazon as a self-published work and use their Kindle Direct Program to feature it free for 5 days, then sell it directly myself...mostly as a lead-in to my upcoming new release Beacon of Love in the spring.

My thoughts are such: contractually I can get my rights back from the publisher who currently has it, polish and possibly revise (with the outside thought of weaving in some plot/characters that will tie into Beacon of Love). If I have it up for sale in the month or so before Beacon of Love releases, I'm hoping to build some positive press that will lead to greater initial sales for Beacon. Also, Paradise has never had great sales with its current publisher, and if I can boost it through self-pubbing it, then why not give it a try?

I'd love thoughts from anyone who's gone this route, esp. using free ebooks to boost other sales. It seems like it has potential, but I have to weigh the costs with the possible outcomes. So....what do you think?