Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: Some Links for You

Happy Wednesday everyone!'s getting chilly here in the Northeast! Of course, we've had unseasonably warm temperatures this winter (with the exception of the Halloween blizzard), so it's really about time the thermometer flirted with single digits at night.

Anyway, a quick few links I'd like to share with you all today:

My writing friend Marianne has started a blog about TOS. What is TOS? Take a read and find out. She has a lot to say about it!

For authors, Noble Romance Publishing has an open call for submissions right now, and they're one of the only small presses that currently offers an advance against royalties. They also have something called a "Hot New Talent" program, which offers authors guidance in establishing and maintaining their online presence and assistance with marketing. As with any new publisher, approach with caution and ask lots of questions to find out if they're right for you.

The folks over at The Long and the Short of It have launched a redesign of their website, so check it out! They offer a variety of advertising options (heavy on my mind these days) along with free opportunites to get your name out there, like guest blogging and author interviews. Actually, many romance novel/review/chat sites offer similar free services for writers (Romance Junkies, Coffeetime Romance, and Fallen Angel Reviews are just a few), so if you're looking to enhance your online presence this year, give them a read.

And now I'm off! Remember to sign up for my e-newsletter (over there on the right sidebar) if you'd like to find out where I'm chatting, blogging, and (best of all) giving stuff away each month!

Monday, January 02, 2012

Mondat Mentionables: Making Resolutions

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you had a safe and enjoyable New Year's Eve for 2012 and those resolutions, right?

My resolustions for this year mostly focus on my writing. I took 2011 "off" in some respects, not in the writing so much, but in the publishing (only so much control over that) and the promoting (lots of control over that).

This year, I'm going to try and improve that. And to that end, I plan on trying to up my online presence - look for more newsletters this year, more guest blogging, more social media interaction, more contests and giveaways for readers and writers alike! If you haven't yet signed up for my newsletter, there's a link over on the sidebar where you can do so. I'll be sending one out later this month with updates on where you can find me, and how you can win books, both from me and from other talented writers.

Finally, though, the best promotion is a new release, which is why I aim to spend more time writing and submitting this year. And now I'm write!

What are your resolutions for 2012?