Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Fun Facts: Seeking Poetry Lovers!

TGIF! I'm happy to say that Entwined, my poetry collection that will be a companion book to Labyrinth of Love, will be releasing early next month. I'm looking for some reviewers right now, so if poetry is your thing, and you'd like a sneak peek at the collection before April, send me an email at and let me know! I have electronic files available in both mobi (Kindle) and pdf.

Entwined features 15 original poems (if you're a newsletter subscriber, you've already been treated to a few) PLUS the opening chapters of Vivian and Will's love story -- one of two love stories that make up Labyrinth of Love. If you'd like a free copy, in exchange for leaving an honest review on release day, shoot me an email :) It'll be a quick read, I promise.

Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Writers' Wednesday: Try the #CarinaPitch!

Hey writers, today's heads-up is for you: TOMORROW, MARCH 19, Carina Press, the digital-first publisher of Harlequin, is holding a special open pitch session over on Twitter. Pitch your story in 140 characters (actually, 128 without the necessary #CarinaPitch hashtag). Carina editors will be reading and requesting full manuscripts all day long!

Click here for all the details. 

And good luck!

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monday Mentionables: The Relief of Hearing Your Work Doesn't Suck

Happy Monday! Okay, maybe that post title is a little crude, but I'm always happy (and more than a little relieved) when my beta readers or editors return my stories and say "OMG this was my favorite yet!" Or maybe they don't rave that much, but they don't tell me it sucked. Or that it's full of plot holes. Or that they didn't like the hero, or the heroine, or the best friend, or...

I still feel that twinge of apprehension whenever I send my writing to others to read, whether they are friends I've known for years or beta readers I've just come in contact with or editors I've recently hired. It's scary, putting your baby out there. As much as we writers think we're crafting the next Novel  of the Year, we can't write in a bubble. We have to ask others to give us another perspective, and then we (I) hope they like and understand it as much as we do. (Of course, it's helpful when they don't too, because then we can fix the problems and make the story better.)

I got 2 different manuscripts back this past weekend, one from an editor and another from a beta reader, and while they gave me some good food for though as far as revisions, it also looks as though I'm heading in the right direction with the general story lines.....which means I should have more new books to share with you soon!