Saturday, November 03, 2007


Just a quick nore today...since we are out of town visiting my sister and brother-in-law for the weekend. This, of course, is a big deal, as hubby and I haven't gone anywhere since the cat got sick back in August.

My parents were kind (or crazy) enough to come down and catsit, so after many written instructions, and demontrations of which pills he gets when, we were off. We'll see how it goes...they may never offer again!

Friday, November 02, 2007


Aha! Yes, some of you will notice that I posted Friday's post a few hours early...on Thursday, actually, at least in my little corner of the world. But that's only because I'm still having Internet connection woes, so I have to catch a reliable connection when I can.

What I'm watching now:

I've discovered "Life" on NBC Wednesdays at 10:00. Anyone else? It's a pretty typical cop show, but the lead guy, Charlie, is sort of hunky in a non-traditional way.

The episodes are sort of standard fare: finding a killer, discovering a conspiracy, but there's also the twist that Charlie just got finished 12 years in prison for murder he didn't commit. So after spending his days investigating other peoples' crimes, he goes home and tries to figure out his own.

What I'm reading now:

A Three Dog Life, by Abigail Thomas. Powerful memoir about a woman in her 50s whose husband is struck by a car while he's walking their dog - he suffers severe head injury and ends up living in a nursing home. He moves between incoherency, memory, anger, and love; they have conversations in which he'll know her one minute and then leave the room because he thinks he has to catch the train, in the next minute. It's beautifully written, quite heart-breaking at times. It's the story of how she goes on with her life, accompanied by her three dogs. I'm a little more than halfway through and definitely enjoying it. [Cool tidbit: the author lives about 50 miles north of my hometown]

What I'm doing today:

Actually, taking my students on a field trip to NYC. We're visiting two different private schools (this particular class is for high school seniors who are exploring the field of education). One is a specialized school for autistic kids, and the other is a private "international" school with a British-based curriculum, targeted to children of international businesspeople living in the city. I'm excited to expose my students to both schools and hope they realize how lucky they are to live so close to Manhattan (they don't, but I'll remind them...).

Happy Weekend! Any fun plans?

Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy All Saints' Day

Ah, the day after Halloween...All Saints' Day. There's actually a Catholic school in town that's closed today, for the holiday. Interesting, huh? Of course, for the most part, November 1 is like the quiet, unassuming little sister, whose bad boy big brother, All Hallows' Eve, gets all the attention.

Yesterday I was driving home from work, detoured because of a nasty traffic accident (I really hope it wasn't a mini-van full of trick or treaters...), and I wound my way smack through Main Street of our tiny town. Now, we live on the outskirts, up on a hill with a big long driveway, so you know we aren't getting any cute little witches or goblins looking for treats (although my hubby was hopeful and bought 3 bags of candy, "just in case" - his favorite kinds, of course).

But the town was humming with little kids, all decked out, and their parents taking them door to door. Very cute, most of them, though I had to swerve to avoid a teenager wearing a Santa hat (yes, I'll assume it was his costume) puffing on a cigarette on his way up to a front porch. Ah, the spirit of the holidays!


And speaking of the holidays, here's a laugh for you:



Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I'm Here! I'm Here!

But I'm having major technical difficulties with my Internet connection (don't you love it??), so no Writers' Wednesday post today.

In fact, no post of any kind until I can get this straightened out, so how about just have a Happy Halloween (oh, and keep your fingers crossed that this glitch gets fixed soon...)!

Monday, October 29, 2007

Random Thoughts on this Monday Morning

1. It's too bad the Colorado Rockies couldn't make the World Series a little more competitive. To be swept in 4 straight games by the Sox, well...ouch. I have to give the Red Sox credit, of course: they're a tough team. And before 2004, they hadn't won a World Series in 86 years, so some of those diehard fans are still overdue. Still, I'm glad my Cleveland Indians gave them a better run for their money :)

2. Hubby and I went to visit my niece and nephew over the weekend (hubby's brother & wife live about 90 minutes away, but we don't see them all that often). It was great to see the kids, of course ~ it's amazing how much they change in a few months (she's almost 6, he's 3 1/2). Our niece was getting ready for her soccer game (they all play soccer now, almost as soon as they can run around, you know). There she was, all decked out in her adorable purple uniform with her purple socks and bright pink shin guards and sky blue cleats (brand new, and the "in" color). So I asked her what her favorite part of the game was.

Her answer? "Resting."

Out of the mouths of babes, right?

3. My editor at TWRP is trying to wrangle my release date from the senior editor. I told her I was going to be at the Small Press Convention in NYC on December 1, and would really like to have the ebook available for sale there. She's hoping that will light a fire under the senior editor, but who knows. It would be nice to know when this one will finally be coming out!

4. It's Halloween week over at The Long and the Short of It - they'll have fun Halloween book reviews and some cool gifts and giveaways, from what I hear. Go check it out!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Confusion Reigns

Wow, I was confused for a good 10 minutes when I woke up this morning...

We have one of those atomic clocks in the bedroom, which (supposedly) keeps time automatically, switching for Daylight Savings' Time. But I think someone forgot to tell it that DST comes later this year. At least, I think it does. Right now half the clocks in my house say 7:00, and half say 8:00. I couldn't remember when the heck the time changed, so I checked online. I think it changes next weekend. I hope.

It's not good, to be confused like this first thing in the morning.

Think I'll stick with Unconscious Mutterings, which allows me to babble in a rather incoherent way anyhow...

  1. Inaugural :: Ball (and it can't come soon enough)

  2. Pledge :: of Allegiance

  3. String :: Silly (check out this article about the soldiers using it in Iraq)

  4. Trot :: Nixon (yes it's the end of baseball season)

  5. Fitness :: keeps me sane

  6. Cinder :: --ella

  7. Edge :: of the ledge, a place you don't want to be

  8. 31 :: Age I'd like to be again.

  9. Blue :: Moon

  10. Leather :: Never wear it.