Sunday, October 28, 2007

Confusion Reigns

Wow, I was confused for a good 10 minutes when I woke up this morning...

We have one of those atomic clocks in the bedroom, which (supposedly) keeps time automatically, switching for Daylight Savings' Time. But I think someone forgot to tell it that DST comes later this year. At least, I think it does. Right now half the clocks in my house say 7:00, and half say 8:00. I couldn't remember when the heck the time changed, so I checked online. I think it changes next weekend. I hope.

It's not good, to be confused like this first thing in the morning.

Think I'll stick with Unconscious Mutterings, which allows me to babble in a rather incoherent way anyhow...

  1. Inaugural :: Ball (and it can't come soon enough)

  2. Pledge :: of Allegiance

  3. String :: Silly (check out this article about the soldiers using it in Iraq)

  4. Trot :: Nixon (yes it's the end of baseball season)

  5. Fitness :: keeps me sane

  6. Cinder :: --ella

  7. Edge :: of the ledge, a place you don't want to be

  8. 31 :: Age I'd like to be again.

  9. Blue :: Moon

  10. Leather :: Never wear it.

1 comment:

Mel said...

I'm still made about losing my extra hour a whole month ahead of schedule. Can't wait for next week.