Friday, March 11, 2011

Writing for the Ebook Market

In honor of Read an Ebook Week, it's worth mentioning again that ebooks and ereaders have made their way into the mainstream these last couple of years, which is great news for writers as well as for readers. The latest issue of Romance Writers Report, in fact, had a couple of great, informative articles on just that area.

"Put On Your Shorts" talks about how to write a novella and then how to choose a publisher for one. (Tips I found most helpful: simplify the premise; keep secondary characters to a minimum; consider giving the hero & heroine history, so they'll already know each other; write short chapters; tie every event to ONE main problem.)

"Deciding on a Digital Publisher" gives some great advice as well, about sorting through the myriad digital presses out there and choosing one that fits your needs, background, and genre.

Finally, I found the article "Is It Time to Hire a Virtual Assistant?" really interesting. I didn't even know what a virtual assistant was (someone who can help you with your organization/communication/social networking/etc) basically online, from anywhere. While they don't come cheap, it's something to think about if you're strapped for time and still trying to write and publish and market on a regular basis. The website of the International Virtual Assistants Association looks like a good place to start.

Happy writing! Remember that I'll be choosing (at random) one winner from this week's comments to receive his/her choice of one of my ebooks ~ I'll be announcing that on Monday!

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

E-Readers Abound!

So we have a new security guard at work. I teach in a satellite building, away from the main school campus, and we have a whole two floors and about 15 teachers. Quiet, to say the least. So Jim, the guard, spends most of his time...reading on his Kindle.

The secretary in the building, who loves all things technological (and gets a new cell phone about once a year) spends her down time/lunch break...reading on her Nook.

One of my fellow writers and beta readers recently gave me feedback on my latest novel draft...after reading the file on her Kindle.

Recently, I flew to Florida for a little sunshine and to visit my mom. Brought along 5 books to read...on my Nook.

And the local librarian, who has a regular column in the local paper, wrote a lengthy piece last week...about her Nook.

Yes, you guessed it: in honor of Read an Ebook Week, I'm mentioning e-readers and their growing popularity. I was in the waiting room of a spa last month and saw a young teen, maybe 14 years old, reading on a Kindle while she waited for her mother to come out. At least 3 of my students have an e-reader, and all of them have read at least one of my books on them. The younger generation, is easier to win over; they're used to reading things on screens. The older generation, most of them anyway, prefers their hands on paper (I do too, I'll admit it).

But there's no denying the fact that e-readers have found their way into the mainstream, and I don't think there's any looking back now. Question: do you own one? If so, how much do you use it/like it? If not, would you ever consider getting one?

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Monday, March 07, 2011

Monday Mentionables: Win an Ebook Week!

Hey everyone, it's Read an Ebook Week! That's right, there's an actual week devoted to ebooks - and in case you didn't realize it, the first ebook was actually created 40 years ago! For more cool info about ebooks, click here.

And to help celebrate this week, I'll be giving away a free ebook to one person who leaves a comment between now (Monday) and Friday at midnight. All you have to do is tell me which of my ebooks you'd like to win, and why! If you're not sure, they're all linked over there on the right sidebar...take a few minutes and then let me know.

I'll also be chatting on the Samhain Cafe Tuesday night and giving away one of my ebooks - hope to see you there!