Wednesday, March 09, 2011

E-Readers Abound!

So we have a new security guard at work. I teach in a satellite building, away from the main school campus, and we have a whole two floors and about 15 teachers. Quiet, to say the least. So Jim, the guard, spends most of his time...reading on his Kindle.

The secretary in the building, who loves all things technological (and gets a new cell phone about once a year) spends her down time/lunch break...reading on her Nook.

One of my fellow writers and beta readers recently gave me feedback on my latest novel draft...after reading the file on her Kindle.

Recently, I flew to Florida for a little sunshine and to visit my mom. Brought along 5 books to read...on my Nook.

And the local librarian, who has a regular column in the local paper, wrote a lengthy piece last week...about her Nook.

Yes, you guessed it: in honor of Read an Ebook Week, I'm mentioning e-readers and their growing popularity. I was in the waiting room of a spa last month and saw a young teen, maybe 14 years old, reading on a Kindle while she waited for her mother to come out. At least 3 of my students have an e-reader, and all of them have read at least one of my books on them. The younger generation, is easier to win over; they're used to reading things on screens. The older generation, most of them anyway, prefers their hands on paper (I do too, I'll admit it).

But there's no denying the fact that e-readers have found their way into the mainstream, and I don't think there's any looking back now. Question: do you own one? If so, how much do you use it/like it? If not, would you ever consider getting one?

(**Don't forget that you can also win your choice of my ebooks this week by leaving a comment on any blog, telling me which you'd like to have and why)


Anonymous said...

Allie! I nev thought that I would give up my print books for a e-reader but in the last year I have been so surprised at he convenience of it that after having bought a nook and have about 200 books on it I won a Joey Hill gift basket and wound up getting a Kindle with the gift card that was enclosed. B&N serve one book community and I have found Amazon serves that community and more with their bookstore. But now with my muscles atrophying(going to pot)I got a IPAD so I could have both e-readers. Am i spoilt? Have a good week. J

Marianne Arkins said...

Last summer, while DD was running junior agility competitions, several of the kids were reading on eReaders (including her).

I have my Nook, which I love -- and I'll be honest, I prefer reading on that than reading paper books any more. It's just easier.

Liz said...

I like my Kindle put do find 'turning' pages annoying as I inevitably hit the button that turns the page back instead of forward.