Friday, July 19, 2013

Friday Fun Facts: The Promise of Paradise is Available in Print!

TGIF!! And I'm super-happy to share today's news with you all: my contemporary romance novel The Promise of Paradise is now available in print! So for all you non-ebook readers, this is your chance to buy the book that I've been yakking about for the last 5 months :) It's only $7.99 from Amazon, a steal for a 200+ page book, and as always, if you'd like an autographed book plate for inside the front cover, just email me ( with your snail mail address and I'll send you one!
"This book had secrets, romance, great characters with issues, steam, a kitten, and a slew of emotional scenes all wrapped up with a wonderfully fantastic ending." —Crazy Four Books

"I'm a sucker for opposites attract stories and this one is no disappointment." — 4 Winks from Flirting with Romance

"I highly recommend this book if you enjoy some delicious torture with the sexual tension, that is well worth the wait in the end!" —Romance Addict Book Blog

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Writers' Wednesday: Do You Use GoodReads Giveaways? You Should

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Are you on GoodReads? Do you use it to post reviews, to see what others are reading, to follow your favorite authors, or to promote yourself? GoodReads is a great and growing resource that you SHOULD be using as an author (disclaimer: I don't use it nearly as often or as completely as I should. But I'm trying to remedy that...)

One of the best tools they have for writers is the chance to give away a copy of your book. Anyone can enter, and you choose the length of the giveaway & how many books you'll give away, and GoodReads does the rest for you! The best part about this is the exposure - and I've found that people will add your book to their "To Read" list just from seeing it on a giveaway. Others, I hear (tough to prove for certain) will purchase your book after they don't win it, just because they're tantalized enough to enter the giveaway and then bummed enough to want to get it for themselves anyway.

So what's the skinny on getting the highest number of entries and reaching the highest number of potential readers? Here's a great post I found a while back that gives some great, concrete advice. Good luck!

Monday, July 15, 2013

Monday Mentionables: Will I See You Next Weekend?

Happy Monday, everyone! First off, very important to mention: my upcoming appearance at the annual Holiday in Homer craft fair on Saturday, July 20, in wonderful, small town, Homer, New York. I'll be there all day long, with all my current print releases INCLUDING the brand new The Promise of Paradise, which is releasing in print this week! Details to follow on how/where you can order it :)

Hope to see you in Homer!

In other news, I blogged last week at The Romance Studio about digital books vs. print books, and I'd love your input! The link is right here.

Finally, if you read my blog last week, you'll know that I was visiting my sister in the great state of Idaho. Had a great time, and here's my favorite picture from the visit, in an over-sized chair on one of the main sidewalks in town (apparently things ARE bigger in the west, at least when it comes to furniture):