Saturday, April 07, 2012

Special Saturday Blog Announcement: Facebook Contest Starting Today!

Allie’s April Showers Contest!

It’s time for another fun Facebook contest – are you ready? We all know April showers bring May flowers, but sometimes those rainstorms can bring a little (or a lot!) of romance too. For the next week, I’ll be posting an excerpt each day on my Facebook Fan Page from my published novels (and a couple of WIPs too) that features a “shower” scene. Vote for your favorite by email, and the winner will be chosen randomly from all emails to receive a super-cute travel umbrella (for those REAL spring showers) and your choice of any ebook from my backlist.

Are you ready to get wet? Come over and join me!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Fun Facts!

Fun Fact#1: I finished my taxes this morning. Yippee!! (not celebrating so much that now we have to pay the govt, but at least they're done...)

Fun Fact#2: My April Showers Contest is starting up on my Facebook Fan Page TOMORROW! Come on over for a week of sexy wet scenes and have a chance to win a super-cute travel umbrella and your choice of any of my ebooks!

Fun Fact#3: My new publisher, Lyrical Press, has a Goodreads group that's growing every day with chatty authors and industry news. Stop by and give a peek if you'd like.

Fun Fact#4: For spring break, hubby and I are traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, so he can take part in a race-car driving experience. I will be looking on from the stands and taking lots of pictures!

Fun Fact #5: It's Easter Sunday this weekend, which means it's also time to take a few deep breaths, look around us, and rejoice in the new and wonderful things that make our lives so precious. Have a wonderful weekend!

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Writers' Wednesday: Two Good Websites

Hey, writers! Two sites worth visiting today:
WOW! Women on Writing has posted their latest edition, and this one's all about The Art of Storytelling. Looks like a great collection of info on captivating readers and the media as well.
Savvy Authors has a number of pitch opportunities coming up this summer (July will be here before you know it!). I landed my contract with Lyrical Press through a pitch on this very website, so polish those book descriptions if you're interested in any of these agents:
Tamar Rydzinski (Laura Dail Literary Agency)
Jill Marsal (Marsal Lyon Agency)
Laurie McLean (Larsen Pomada Agency)
Peter Knapp (Park Literary Group)

Good luck, and happy writing!

Monday, April 02, 2012

Monday Mentionables: Reflecting on a Reading

Last week I was one of 6 authors featured at a local library "Author Showcase." I was with a self-published suspense author (who asked me if I could hear his knees knocking under the table), a British poetess, an 83-year old Italian-American woman who wrote a novella about her own love story/marriage, a local historian, and a woman who wrote a fictionalized account of a 1920s local murder.

My thoughts?

~It's always nice to be with other writers and hear about other authors' stories and struggles.
~It's also nice to be comfortable and confident in a setting like that ~ I've spoken in front of lots and lots of groups (New Authors: get yourself out in the public eye whenever you can!)
~Come prepared with enough bookmarks/business cards/promo materials - you don't want to run out!
~Bring singles so you can make change when people buy your books.
~Bring a good pen (and a back-up) for signing those books!
~Take time to chat with the people who've attended a reading. I've noticed that people of all walks of life get a kick of talking to a "real author."
~If you're reading an excerpt, choose and practice it ahead of time.
~Have fun and try not to be nervous!! I mean, you already wrote the book and got it into the world. This part should just be pure enjoyment :)