Friday, April 06, 2012

Friday Fun Facts!

Fun Fact#1: I finished my taxes this morning. Yippee!! (not celebrating so much that now we have to pay the govt, but at least they're done...)

Fun Fact#2: My April Showers Contest is starting up on my Facebook Fan Page TOMORROW! Come on over for a week of sexy wet scenes and have a chance to win a super-cute travel umbrella and your choice of any of my ebooks!

Fun Fact#3: My new publisher, Lyrical Press, has a Goodreads group that's growing every day with chatty authors and industry news. Stop by and give a peek if you'd like.

Fun Fact#4: For spring break, hubby and I are traveling to Salt Lake City, Utah, so he can take part in a race-car driving experience. I will be looking on from the stands and taking lots of pictures!

Fun Fact #5: It's Easter Sunday this weekend, which means it's also time to take a few deep breaths, look around us, and rejoice in the new and wonderful things that make our lives so precious. Have a wonderful weekend!

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