Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Writers' Wednesday: "So, Are Those Real? And Other Bad Pick-Up Lines"

Happy hump day!

Still on vacation, but I brought my laptop and am trying to get a little writing in between the beach and shopping and, well, this:

But yes! I am writing when I'm not in the pool, and right now I'm working on revising an earlier work. The plan is novella length (about 1/3 the length of my regular novels), and just in case you wonder where writers get their ideas, this was what started me thinking about this story, a couple years back:

"Dating Site Gives 30,000 'Ogres' The Boot"

So I'm throwing my heroine into a speed dating activity in the opening chapter , and I'm trying to think of terrible pick-up lines she'll have to face. I posted this question on my Facebook page as well, but I'll ask you too:

What awkward or offensive pick-up lines should she hear while on speed dating?