Thursday, August 17, 2006

Welcome to My Journey

Welcome to my journey.

Since I started writing (seriously, that is, not counting the scribbling in high school and college notebooks or the box full of journals I kept during my 20's), I've completed 4 manuscripts. Pretty good, right?


Five years ago, I thought I had this trememdous idea for a book. I thought I would write it in a year, send it out to a handful of agents and publishers who would fight over it, and be able to quit my day job by the following tax season.


3 manuscripts and a pile (and I mean a huge, ceiling-smacking pile) of rejection letters later, I realized maybe I needed to do a little work. A little research. Maybe more than a little.

So here I am, working on the final revision of my 4th ms., and I figured this time I would share my journey with anyone else out there who's felt frustrated too. Who wants to see what it's like to put together a query letter...and then change it 4 or 5 times. Who wants to vent with me about how the heck you're supposed to shrink 90,000 words into a 2-page synopsis. Who wants to hear (and laugh at, probably) the wording of rejection letters. Who wants to help me celebrate when I finally get The Call (you have to dream it, right??).

Here's to the journey. Let's hope that whatever direction it leads, I'll learn more this time around too.Next up: cool agents I've gotten rejections from in the past. (Hey, some of them really know how to let a girl down easy!)

Ciao, Allie B.

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