Sunday, September 03, 2006

Open Blog Night - Check it Out!

Vey exciting news...

A blog that I had submitted for Romancing the Blog's Open Blog Night was posted today! (That's Sunday, Sept. 3, BTW) Of course I didn't know it, and it was a good thing that I came back from vacation a day early (too much hurricane rain and wind, even up here in NY). So when I finally sat down tonight to check my email and my bookmarked sites, how very cool to see my own blog staring back at me!

In the meantime, I've been wondering a lot about characters' names. In my latest WIP, the hero's name is Jack Major. Strong, single-syllabled, I liked it. At first. But since the WIP is sort of modeled after the TV show "24," I think I have to change my hero's name to something that doesn't sound identical to Keifer Sutherland's character. Also, I'm getting the feeling that Jack/Jake is a too-popular name for romance heroes these days. In fact, I got a rejection letter a few months ago (before the latest major revision...which prompted the latest major revision, actually) in which the agent wrote all these very helpful comments about the story and referred to my hero as "Jake." So clearly I need a name that stands out more.

But what? I seem to go for single-syllabled first names in a lot of my stories and novels. Not sure why. I actually had a dream last night that featured this guy who would be terrific as a romance hero whose name was Roman. Roman??? But actually, that's a strong name too.

What do you think? Favorite hero names, anyone? Favorite hero names that aren't already over-used?

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Marianne Arkins said...

Roman was the dude on Days of Our Lives -- I don't know if I could ever picture anyone BUT him with that name!

Names are hard. I always run them through the Kabalarian website to see if the name and the personality jive. I like to keep them fairly simple, but a little unusual - unless I want them purposely common (like my hero in Camilla).

Still, names are really hard and they affect people in ways you can't predict. I can't tell you how many people don't like Minerva's name in Playing House, and she's not even the heroine!

Good luck.