Tuesday, September 26, 2006

To Blog or Not

So today's blog on Romancing the Blog's site is about whether or not it's really worth it.

To blog on a regular basis, I mean. The author talks about the sometimes-hassle of coming up with witty things to say and share day after day, and she questions who really reads blogs and for what purpose. All good points.

I also recently read a blog by a published author that suggested that most new authors don't know the best ways to market their books. He pointed out that everyone seems to say you MUST inhabit the internet, ideally with a website, a blog, and a MySpace account. But do you really? How many people are really stumbling across your virtual presence and, as a result, making a conscious decision to buy your book?

I put together my author website and this blog because I thought I'd better join the e-world. I wanted prospective agents/editors to be able to easily pop online and see who I am. Is it worth it? Don't know. Do I enjoy reading other people's blogs? To be honest, I read 2-3 on a daily basis. With the thousands that are out there, I'd spend way too much time if I tried to visit any more than that. So I don't hold out hope that other people are doing the same thing with mine.

I'm not sure I'll give up my toehold on the Internet world just yet, but I have to admit that on most days, I'd rather spend my keyboard time working on a novel or a story.

On days I have something to say or share, I don't mind blogging. Which reminds me: Kristin Nelson just requested a partial, which made my day. 4 queries to her over the last 5 years, and finally, a positive response. So today, I guess my blog is about celebration. And persistence.

Speaking of which, now it's back to my next WIP.

Anyone else? Thoughts?


Marianne Arkins said...

I like to talk, so blogging isn't a pain for me most days. I also visit quite a few blogs on a daily basis - BUT many don't update daily, so it doesn't take too long. Do I think there is a benefit? Yes. Is it substantial? Who knows... I imagine that the whole Jenny Crusie/Boby Mayer thing wouldn't have been as big without their blog -- but I'm not Jenny (darn it).

That's my .02 - FWIW.

And, hey -- BIG CONGRATULATIONS on the partial request from Kristin Nelson. Fingers crossed for you. Keep us updated!

jwcfi - Just wishing cats felt icky

See... if people didn't blog, I couldn't do those silly word verification games! LOL...

Toni Lea Andrews said...

Blogging is time consuming, but common wisdom says its great publicity. I try to stike a medium. Sometimes it's hard, but some days it's fun. Yesterday, a friend reminded me of "the List of Five" from Friends, so I blogged about it and asked others to post their personal List of Five. I am learning that some VERY FUNNY PEOPLE visit my blog.

BTW, good luck with Kristin--she has a great reputation.