Sunday, April 29, 2007

Didn't Expect It Part 2

"A kind word is like a spring day."
~Russian Proverb

Most of you probably read my blog post last week about the conversation I had with a woman I work with who effectively dismissed my publication news.

I got over it; I know that people have a lot going on in their lives and can’t always be concerned with other people’s successes. Still, I just didn’t expect such a blasé reaction.

Fast forward to yesterday morning, when I ran into a couple in the grocery store that my husband grew up with/is related to. The 4 of us are good friends, though we don’t see each other all that much. They work and live in different circles than we do--she’s college educated but he isn’t; he works for the family business that my husband left 10+ years ago; most of their days revolve around their 2 kids and/or his hunting/fishing/NASCAR-watching hobbies and her up-and-coming business in the nursing field.

The first thing he said to me was, “So when’s your book coming out? I want a copy.”

The first thing she said to me was, “You have two being published, right? I’m so proud of you!”

It’s funny , the expectations you hold of people. Did I expect them to know about my books? Not really. Did I expect them to be excited for me? I can‘t say. And yet they stood there in the middle of the frozen food aisle and asked me all kinds of questions--including when they could hold the books in their hands--for a good five minutes.

Most of the time, I like the way life surprises me.

P.S. - Marianne has nominated me for the "The Best of the Best" Blog Entries (gee, thanks, M) - so if you're so inclined, go and vote!


Marianne Arkins said...

See... for every uncaring person, you get TWO that adore you and are truly interested. Bet that made your day :-)

Diane Craver said...

Just went and voted for you! I bet you'll win.

Cool about two unexpected people being so thrilled about your books. I bet they will tell their friends, and it will keep growing.

Write From Karen said...

Ah, to have people come up to me and ask me about my next book.

Of course, I'd have to write one first. *grin*

Congratulations Allie!! You won the Best of the Best blog entry contest!! I'm sorry to notify you this way, I didn't see an email address. When you have a few minutes, could you please email me, Karen, at writefromkaren at take2max dot com? As soon as I get an email address, I'll send you the $5.00 gift certificate! Thanks for a GREAT entry!!