Sunday, July 29, 2007

Whew...I'm Back...Finally!

Well, I'm back from my vacation (which had a spotty Internet connection, thus my absence the last couple of days)...

Long day of driving yesterday, like about 10+ hours in the car along with thousands of other travelers. Traffic actually wasn't bad except at the I-95 merge in Delaware/New Jersey. But why, oh why, do so many people drive SUVs and mini-vans? I know the answer logically, I suppose: families with kids need the room. But they're such gas guzzlers. Worse than that, they kill me vision-wise on the road because I'm driving my tiny, conservative Toyota Corolla and I'm surrounded on all sides by these enormous vehicles strapped high with bikes and coolers and luggage and I can't see a thing. Really.

What is it about vacationing that makes one glad to be home? As much as I enjoyed the relaxing time away, there is something about walking into one's own house, sleeping in one's bed, that feels better than the whole vacation week put together. Of course, today there's laundry to do and groceries to buy and a lawn to mow and...

But still.

Last day to enter my "Boston Bonus Basket" contest! If you leave a comment today, your name will be put into the drawing one more time. The winner will be announced tomorrow...good luck, and thanks for stopping by!


bunnygirl said...

Yay, you're back!

I hear you on the SUVs. I drive a small car too, and being behind an SUV is hard, especially on a freeway.

SUVs are great for road trips. I'm always glad my husband has one when we vacation. But for ordinary city driving, lower is safer. Other drivers can see around, and the driver of a lower car can maneuver better without the risk of rollover. Everyone wins.

I've seen some newer vehicles like this-- big enough to hold kids, pets and lots of stuff, but lower than a standard SUV. I hope this design catches on.

Welcome back! There's no place like home!

naida said...

hi, great blog!
I agree with you, theres something great about coming home after vacation and being able to sleep in ones own bed. I don't even mind having to do the laundry :P

robynl said...

Glad your vacation was good and I totally understand about 'nice to be back home'. I can relax more in my own home so I'm usually glad to be back also.