Monday, August 06, 2007

And the Journey Goes On

Yesterday I spent a great deal of time working on my latest WIP, One Night in Memphis. It was actually really nice to have almost a day to work on it. I'm near the end, which makes me happy, but the last 4 chapters now staring me in the face have some serious work ahead of them. I've changed where and how this story ends 3 times, and I'm still not sure I'm satisfied with it. On the bright side, however, I love my villain. It's only the second time I've had a really bad guy in a story, and I'm pleased with the way his character has emerged. Either that or I'm scared at how easy it is to write him!

I also played around with making a book trailer to promote One Night in Boston. We're such a visual, techonologically-oriented society these days that I suppose it was inevitable I start thinking about it. Anyway, while some production companies can charge $100s or $1000s of dollars to make you one, most people also have Windows Movie Maker as part of their computer software package, and lo and behold, it's pretty easy to use!

I played around a lot yesterday and had a great time. It didn't take me that long, either. So tomorrow or the next day I'm hoping to have it up for your viewing pleasure!


Diane Craver said...

I'm looking forward to seeing your trailer. I don't have any yet.

Alice Teh said...

Oooo... I can't wait to see the trailer! :D