Sunday, August 12, 2007

Unconscious Mutterings

Update: My cat is slowly showing his old personality (yay!), and though he's still so skinny from not eating for 5 days, he's eating more now every day. The vet said he was overweight last year, anyway. I suppose hospitalization is one way to put your pet on a diet :)

Here's a pic of him cleaning himself yesterday (and looking appropriately insulted that I caught him in such an unflattering position).

I have to send thank-you notes to the doctors who nursed him back to health, although I'm not sure there are words to properly say thank you for saving my heart. I'll spend a little time browsing the card aisle today in Target and see what I can find.

Here's a fun weekend meme I found for today. Visit here if you want to play along!

  1. Voyage :: Mayflower

  2. Patricia :: Richardson (great actress)

  3. Transformation :: The ongoing saga over at Marianne's Pillar Place

  4. Vocabulary :: I wish more people had one that included fewer 4-letter words
  5. San Francisco:: RWA national conference next year!

  6. Edward :: Norton (great actor)

  7. Sawyer :: Yummy eye candy on LOST

  8. Literary :: Novel (and what is a "literary novel," exactly?)

  9. Tiger :: main character in Life of Pi, which I'm reading right now

  10. Seal :: He married Heidi Klum??


dawn said...

Loved your mutterings. Liked your response for Vocabulary.
Glad your cat is on the mend.

Marianne Arkins said...

Sweet kitty... glad he's better. You made me cry though, you rotten person.

"...thank you for saving my heart..."