Monday, October 08, 2007

I Have to Suffer Through Another Game...

Well, the Yankees managed to squeeze out a win last night, so it's Game 4 tonight for my Cleveland Indians. I really, really hope they don't fall apart mentally now (it's been known to happen on more than one occasion...) Ryan Garko, one of their key players, is keeping a playoff blog, which is kind of cool.


You might be amused to hear that I spent all of yesterday hanging vinyl siding with hubby. Up and down ladders all day long, hammering (nails most of the time, my thumb once in a while) and today I am really tired and sore. We aren't finished, either. And I begin to realize why those guys who work construction for a living never go to the gym.

It's very helpful in the name of research, though. The hero in my WIP Summer's Song is a carpenter/construction guy, so I told myself, about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, as I was balancing on the top rung of a ladder trying to stretch out and put in one last nail, that at least I could write really accurate details for all those home-renovation scenes I'm working on. :)

THANK YOU to everyone who gave me promo ideas yesterday, for the NYC Book Fair in December. I've got a terrific list now, and my only problem is that darn 18" x 30" limited table space! Hmm...I could hang things off the front of it, right??

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Anonymous said...

yankees and giants won! yeah! A dj on one of the radio stations suggested that we gather up all the cockroaches in NYC and release them into the Cleveland dug-out. It was really funny. liz