Sunday, November 25, 2007

This Weekend, Get a Little Lost...

Okay, on to round 2 of this weekend's Lost in Paradise trivia contest. Remember, just read the excerpt below and email the answer to to be in the running to win a free download of my novel! (By the way, after only 2 days, it's up to #3 on the Champagne Rose Full-Length Best-seller List! Let's keep it going!!)

“Nice place, huh? I mean the house, the street, and all.” Eddie waved to the ceiling above them as he leaned back, settling himself into the cushions.

Ash followed the movement and noticed strong, calloused hands, with scars on the knuckles, and one pinky finger bent in an odd way. Warmth filled her belly. She always noticed men’s hands. Maybe that’s why she found baseball players and cellists so sexy. She liked hands that looked powerful and rugged. Hands that could take on the world and throw it into its place when need be. Strong hands that turned soft when they wound their way along her body late at night. Eddie’s hands looked like that.
The warmth reached her cheeks again, and she willed it away, afraid it would betray her.

“So how’d you end up moving in here?” Jen asked him.

“Mm…long story.”

The bleach-blonde propped one elbow on the back of the couch. “We’ve got time.”

Eddie’s face changed a little, and he switched the subject, smooth as cream. “What about you, Jen?”

“What about me?”

“You and Ashley-what’s your story? You guys from around here?”

Ash cringed a little when he said the name. Ashley. Her alias. The one she’d just made up, to take the place of her true identity for the next few months. Already she felt guilty about lying to the guy who would be sharing her house. Darn it. Why couldn’t things ever work out the way she planned?

“Not really,” she began, with a quick glance at Jen. How did she answer his question without revealing too much? “I mean, we just graduated and…”

“We’re from Boston,” Jen finished when Ash trailed off into silence. “Ashley decided to take a summer to herself before jumping into the big bad world. You know, enjoy some peace and quiet. I’m just along for the ride.” She leaned in closer. “That, and to interview any housemates she might have. To make sure they pass inspection.”

Eddie looked over at Ash. “And do I pass?”

She felt her cheeks warm and wondered if that was answer enough.

Jen smiled. “Oh, I’d say you do.”

Trivia question: What does Ash find so attractive the first time she meets Eddie?

Email the answer to - and check back here tomorrow to see if you're a winner!

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