Sunday, December 02, 2007

Pics from the Book Fair!

So I survived my first public appearance as a writer, yesterday, at the New York Small and Independent Press Book Fair in Manhattan! Had a good time, met some fellow authors, and best of all, met Dru, one of my online fans and fellow bloggers. It's always cool to finally put a face with a name, when you've been chatting in the virtual world for so long. I have a great picture of the two of us, but I know some people don't like their faces up posted in Internet world, so I won't put it on my blog unless she gives me the OK ;)

View from above: looking down on the main floor of the Book Fair

At our balcony table - isn't the banner behind us great??

Me chatting with Tilly Greene (on the left) and Stella Price (on the right) - both very cool, very friendly authors. I'm hoping to do some more PR events with them next year.

I'll be back tomorrow with a longer post about all the wisdom I learned (along with a brand new giveaway contest that I'm running for the whole month of December) stop back, OK?


P.S. It's snowing like crazy here, the first real storm of the season!


Dru said...

Hi Allie,

It was great meeting you as well.

Can you email me the photo that we took? I'll e-mail you.

ooh, I love that view from above.

It is snowing here as well and looks so pretty.

Have a good day!

Shelli Stevens said...

Oh it looks like you guys had so much fun!! How exciting!

Diane Craver said...

Hi Allie,
I'm glad you and Dru met in person!
I like your picture - very pretty. The background is awesome with the romance ad.

It's raining here instead of snowing. Maybe you'll get a snow day tomorrow. In Ohio the schools are allowed 5 days due to weather. Amanda hates snow days and would rather go to school. Hard to believe. LOL

bunnygirl said...

I'm glad you had a great time! Nice booth!