Friday, February 29, 2008

Leap Year Day 2008!

"It doesn't matter who we were. It only matters who we are." ~Juliet, from the TV show "Lost"

Is anyone else watching "Lost" now that it's back on? I thought last night's episode was brilliant. Time travel is a tricky thing to portray, but it was really well written and balanced and believable. Loved the ending, too - that show doesn't usually bring tears to my eyes, but last night it did.

I"m making progress on One Night in Napa - and I'm using a slightly different strategy this time around. I'm writing all the way through, doing my best to shrug off the inner editor and just get the words down on paper. I'm not letting myself go back and look at a scene or chapter once I've finished it for the day. I'm not stopping to do research, either, or think up clever names for fictional places. So right now the pages have a lot of sentences like "Kira walked into NAME OF COFFEE SHOP HERE and tossed her cigarettes onto the counter." And so on. I'm up to 8000 words for the week, though, so I'm happy!

Finally, I have to mention how lucky I am to have met fellow authors in this area, all because of the NYC Book Fair I went to last December. Stella Price, who writes urban fantasy and lives about 30 minutes from me, is a marketing whiz. She's put together a core group of local authors and is on this crazy bender of setting up all kinds of signings and public appearances for us. I keep waiting for her to realize she could be charging an arm and a leg for what she's doing, 'cause I'm pretty sure authors hire pricy marketing people to do that sort of thing for them. :)

The latest fun event on our agenda is a "Girls' Night Out" for Mother's Day, Saturday May 10. It's at a place called The Spotty Dog, which is apparently a pub and a bookstore, combined. Cool, right? Check out the link. I'll post more info closer to the date, for anyone who's local and wants to stop by. From what I've heard so far, they're having a masseuse, a chocolatier, and romance authors on hand. How can you go wrong??

Oh, and happy Leap Year Day! What are you doing with your extra 24 hours?


Diane Craver said...

We don't watch "Lost" but I wish I had started watching it in the beginning.

Congrats on your 8,000 words - that's fantastic! Your next event sounds like it will be fun.

Well, I'm doing promo today and getting my daughter from college. Nothing exciting.

Mel said...

I need to clean, but I'm probably going to go shopping for clothes.

Dru said...

Congrats on your word count.

Today doesn't feel like I'm getting an extra 24 hours.

windycindy said...

Wow! It sounds like your book is beginning to flow. You have 8,000 words completed. Good for you!
You little group sounds like fun! A pub and a book store. I wish I lived closer to you. Thanks,Cindi

Anonymous said...

8,000 words!! whoo hoo!
And I love LOST. Its been a great season so far. Liz

Michael said...

Sounds like you've had a lot going on, Allie. Glad to hear your work is going so well.

well, I haven't found a pub/bookstore around here, but we do have a place called "Adrian's Book Cafe." One of my favorite places.

I haven't seen "Lost," but I have wondered if I should have started to watch it from the beginning. I've heard it's something like science fiction. Is that true?