Sunday, March 09, 2008

Happy Small Press Month!

"The life’s blood of contemporary and modern literature is in the custodianship of so-called small publishers. Without them, there is no future for literature." ~Walter Mosley

I just found out it's National Small Press Month...and since I've been privileged enough to be published by two small presses, I should be celebrating it!

Let me just say, for anyone who doesn't already know, that the experience of being published by Samhain Publishing and The Wild Rose Press, both small presses, has been fantastic. I have learned so much about writing and editing and marketing, on an intimate level, with everyone involved at both houses. I'm so thankful that they exist and are thriving, and that they give authors another option for breaking into publication.

Here's a neat "To Do" list if you're an author published by a small press - or even if you just want to support them and spread the word about this month.

Meanwhile, I'm off to write...and support the efforts of small presses everywhere!


Diane Craver said...

Thanks for the great list of things to do to promote small press month. I've also learned a lot about writing and editing because I was published by a small press. The editors and people are great at Samhain.

Dru said...

Good luck with your writing today.

have a good Sunday.

Marianne Arkins said...

I second what you had to say about being published with Samhain and The Wild Rose Press...

Hip, hip, HOORAY!!!! For them :-)

windycindy said...

Happy Sunday! I hope you get much written today! Cindi