Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Writers' Wednesday: An Interview with E.J. Vance

Welcome to Writers' Wednesday! Today I'm chatting with E.J. Vance, poet and novelist. He's the author of The Revelations of Minister Skyddz, which he describes as a "version of the Bible that will appeal to bikers, prostitutes, and college students." It's due out in January 2009, so keep an eye out when next winter rolls around. Meanwhile, sit back and enjoy...

Hi E.J., and thanks for joining me today! So when did you first begin writing? Was there an event or moment inyour life that triggered your desire to write?

I began writing 'poetry' for local bands, with an idea toward forming a band as the lead singer/songwriter. I was 15 or-so, and thought it would be easy. Except I was scared of performing onstage. It didn't work out well.

Can you tell us about your latest writing project or published title?

I have several projects I'm working on currently. Mostly, it's poetry. But, I'm also (among other things) writing the sequel to my first book, The Revelations of Minister Skyddz, which is estimated to be released in January, 2009, with Swimming Kangaroo Books. I expect to do a series of 4-6, based on my own religious beliefs, but, from a (hopefully) humorousperspective. The Revelations of Minister Skyddz is an Alternate Creation Theory, which casts God and the Archangels, more or less as bikers/rock musicians. In the first book, God is suddenly up for re-election, and, the opponent is The Infidel.

Wow, sounds very interesting. So how do you go about developing your characters?

I shape my characters after people I know, or people I have a strong impression of.

What kinds of books do you like to read? Who is your favorite author?

I generally read fantasy/science fiction, or horror. I guess my favorite author is either Tad Williams, or Stephen King.

What do you find most difficult about writing? What do you find most exciting or rewarding?

Mostly, the difficulties I have are inner: finding exactly the right word!

Ah, I can appreciate that! Well, what do you like to do when you're not writing?

I like to draw. I love music; I'm a bassist in a band, which is creating a new genre. I also like to play horseshoes.

Sounds like you find time to relax and enjoy life - always important. Do you have a favorite movie? Did it inspire your writing in any way?

Blazing Saddles, and, Young Frankenstein. I wouldn't say that the movies inspired me. But Mel Brooks inspires me a helluva lot!

E.J. thanks so much for being here today - best of luck with your novel and with all your future writing!


Michael said...

Very cool interview. Those books do sound interesting. Stephen King and especially Tad Williams are great choices. Otherworld is one of my favorites!

windycindy said...

E.J. Vance like the same movies my husband and teenage son do!~ What a talented person. I envy all of you creative people. Cindi

Anonymous said...

we love you John, and so happy that you finally got your book published, best of luck and don't forget all your friends, send me signed copy. love you KJ and Jessie

Jon said...

....Excerpts from the manuscript can be read on myspace:
....Read the blog, starting with the bottom one first for proper sequence.... Otherwise, it's just gibberish.

Good Luck and Roses....
E.J. Vance

Anonymous said...

....The Revelations of Minister Skyddz is destined to outshine The Bible, the I-Ching, The Book of Thoth!! Maybe even The Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers!!