Thursday, June 19, 2008

For Your Viewing Pleasure...

"Wine is bottled poetry." ~Robert Louis Stevenson

I have no words of importance today, so it'll be a visual blog post. You like that anyway, right?

The hostas around our pool deck (and yes, there is no pool there - we're getting a new one - hopefully soon!):

And the hostas around the side of our garage ( the middle ones look a little smushed 'cause I took this pic right after a terrific rainstorm yesterday. Those ones, incidentally, the deer will strip to nothing, if they discover them. The variegated ones on either side, the deer will leave alone. Stupid picky creatures...

Our container vegetable garden about a month ago, newly planted:

And as of yesterday, blooming pretty well (you can see the two upside-down tomato growers, hanging off the side - no salmonella for us!):

And finally, how I spent one day after work, earlier this week: touring a winery with my teacher friends (the oldest continually operating winery in the country, by the way, thanks to a need for sacrament wine during Prohibition). Hey, what other job gets you out and drinking wine at 4:00 in the afternoon?


Marianne Arkins said...

I love those varigated hosta.... I have some, but not like those. May have to add them to my shopping list!

I have no fruit on any of my veggie plants yet. Soon, I hope


I love that you have the pool deck and no pool. You know how to dream!

Dru said...

Nice photos. I like seeing the growths from one month ago to now.

Amy said...

Hostas. ::sigh:: Yours are gorgeous.

LOL on a pool-less deck. We have a pool in a box. No deck yet. I'm ordering the leveling sand next week. Maybe it will be set by July 4. Maybe.

And your container garden! Oy! Ours would look much better if there hadn't been snow in April. Really, I'm going to starve because Mother Nature is in a snit.

windycindy said...

Thanks for the lovely pictures. Your vegetable plants are looking good!
The Hostas are fabulous. You look like you live in a beautiful area! Love the pool deck. I wish I could have went to the winery. I enjoy that kind of stuff. Cindi

jean said...

Enjoyed the pictures, Allie. Your property looks beautiful. We have a few country acres and my hostas are one of the few things the deer won't eat. Oh, how I would have loved to join you on that winery tour today! Love my job, but June can be sooooo long!