Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Of Sales, Promotions, and Horse Races

Marianne reminded me yesterday that I should have shown the videos from the 1978 Affirmed-Alydar matchup that resulted in the last Triple Crown winner. So here's the final, the Belmont Stakes, and it's a heck of a race:

Got a nibble yesterday from another bookstore I sent a mailing to, who asked me to send promo items and noted that they'd ordered both One Night in Boston and Lost in Paradise. So that's a good sign - I'll probably offer to stop by this summer (it's about 75 miles north of where I live) and sign copies or do a "meet and greet."

I'll be interested to see how the print sales are for both these books, though it's tough to wait because Samhain, anyway, gives you print royalties only twice a year, 6 months behind the selling period. That means I'll find out about Jan-June sales for this year in December. That's OK - I guess I can wait! Got my royalty statement from The Wild Rose Press yesterday for the first quarter of 2008, and it was pretty disappointing. I know they're focusing more on their ebook/e-short stories than their print books now, so I don't expect print sales for Lost in Paradise to be astronomical.

Live and learn, I suppose.


Marianne Arkins said...

I was putzing around on YouTube looking a races, and watched Seattle Slew the year before Affirmed... and then watched Seattle Slew beat Affirmed in a race in 1978.

I loved racing... I do wonder about overbreeding for speed though.

Yeah... book sales... I could talk for hours. LOL...

Dru said...

Does the fact that TWRP focuses on their ebook/e-short stories discourage you from having your books in print? I'm also assuming you mean promotional wise.

Diane Craver said...

I'm sorry to hear that about your print sales with TWRP. You are doing such a great job at marketing your books, it will eventually pay off. Shelley Galloway told me how you have to give your career 3-4 years. She had a small publisher at first and now is doing well.

Amy said...

Sorry about the disappointing royalties.

That clip was amazing. I don't follow racing, but even I was straining to watch those two battle it out at the end.

Allie Boniface said...


TWRP's policy doesn't discourage me from having books in print so much as pubishing them with that press, specifically. There are others better suited to what I'm looking for, at this point.

windycindy said...

Hi, It would be difficult to wait for six months! I have not gotten into ebooks, yet. For some reason, I like a book in my hand and a book to give away to someone. I am not a big fan
of horse racing. Too much politics, interbreeding and then injury and/or death to the horse. Money talks. I saw so many dog breeders when my brother was a vet that the animals would have hip problems, get mean by 1 year of age, etc. So many of the breeders didn't want the female when she wasn't profitable any more. On the bright side, there were those who really cared about the welfare of the mother dogs. I wish you the best with your writing career. Cindi