Friday, February 06, 2009

Do You Read Harlequin? Part Two

'ouk imae idenai, ah mae oido' (Translation: "The more I know, the less I know") ~Socrates

Well, I have to say a big Thank You to everyone who chimed in with their opinions yesterday. I really am unfamiliar with most of Harlequin's lines, but it does seem as though probably some authors are simply better (or more appealing) than others, even within a line. And Diane you're right: Harlequin authors definitely enjoy more widespread exposure than those from smaller and lesser-known presses.

And Rita, thanks for the link to the Silhouette Special Edition Editor Pitch -- there might be a blog reader here who'd like to find out more too.

Finally, I do want to mention that the Harlequin website has podcasts for almost every line, where you can listen to the editors talk about what they're looking for -- and what they're not. I spent some time last night and gained a couple of tips.

PS: Christina Phillips is interviewing me today on her blog. Would you drop by and leave a comment so I don't feel so lonely there???

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