Monday, March 23, 2009

Pictures from a Book Signing

"Life can't ever really defeat a writer who is in love with writing, for life itself is a writer's lover until death - fascinating, cruel, lavish, warm, cold, treacherous, constant." ~Edna Ferber

Here is my favorite picture from my book signing over the weekend

Let me just point out that the store had all of our titles (yes, those are mine right in front) arranged on a table smack-dab in the front of the store. I was actually standing in the doorway to take the picture. I'd also like to point out that our table is IN FRONT OF the display of Twilight books, just behind :)

Though sales were very low, it was nice to mingle with other authors, especially fellow Samhain author Ciar Cullen. I've seen her around on the Yahoo loops for a year now (and she actually wrote a lovely review of One Night in Boston), so it was really nice to put a face with a name. She and I shared the common denominator of the night of not writing erotic romance. I gotta tell ya, it was nice to have someone else in my corner!


Mom said...

I'm glad you could share with a fellow author, the joy of writing "sweet romance" rather than erotica.

From your mom, of course!

Diane Craver said...

That's neat you got to meet Ciar in person! Cool your books in front of Twilight ones.

Anonymous said...

What an honor to meet you! And with that cool new haircut and beautiful outfit. Big sigh. Maybe we can start a "sweet" revolution? I'm dying to read your WIP, but first I have to read the second and third "one night in" books. I'm going to buy Memphis today.

Mary Ricksen said...

So you were lookin' hot at the signing. Good for you.
It's always nice to have a crony there when you do a signing. Much better then being alone.
It looks like it was great to me.

Sarita Leone said...

The signing sounds like a nice experience. So glad it worked out well for you. :)

Jennifer Shirk said...

Cool! Your books look great in the pic!