Friday, May 29, 2009

The Geek Girl's Guide...

"It's the friends you can call up at 4am that matter." - Marlene Dietrick

Hey all, there's a fantastic new YA release you should check out: The Geek Girl's Guide to Cheerleading. And to kick off the release, the authors are hosting a BFF contest (that's Best Friends Forever, for those of you out of the current teen lingo loop). Check out what you can win!

Two bags, one for you, one for your BFF which include:

An autographed copy of The Geek Girl’s Guide to Cheerleading
The new iPod Shuffle
A mix tape (CD) of songs about friendship
DeBrand’s Chocolates
Matching T-shirts
And a few geeky surprises...

That's right, two prize bags!! So what are you waiting for? Here's the link - go on and enter!


mld said...

Great quote!

Charity said...

Thanks for posting this!