Friday, May 15, 2009

One Reader's Review of One Night in Memphis

Just a quick note today:

The Romance Studio held their Book a Day Giveaway last weekend, and the woman who won an e-copy of my novel One Night in Memphis read it in one day (!) and emailed me this lovely note yesterday (with permission to use it as a review):

Hi Allie,

Thank you for sending me the book. I can't believe I won it, and I have to say, I just finished reading it and it's excellent. Lots of action, emotion and just the right amount of chemistry involved to make it almost realistic. I adore Mike, and wonder if there is a story surrounding him. There is lots of hints with more to come with all your characters. Ethan is a true inspirational kind of man I hope to meet in my future. don't you want your own copy?? It's releasing in print next Tuesday...mark your calendars!!


Marianne Arkins said...

NEXT TUESDAY! Okay... phew.

And what a wonderful note from your reader :-)

Liza said...

I loved One Night in Memphis. I have my copy as an ebook, but will look for the print copy at my next trip to the bookstore. Do you have a release date for One Night in Napa yet? I love your "One Night" books.

Liz said...

See you at the book signing tomorrow!