Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Fun Facts

"Drinking coffee for instant relaxation? That's like drinking alcohol for instant motor skills." ~Marc Price

I just liked this quote...

TGIF!!! Hope you're looking forward to your weekend as much as I am. If you're an author who writes romance with some spice, check out All Romance eBooks' "28 Days of Heart" submissions call. They'll be releasing a short story each day in February 2010 and are taking submissions now through October 31 from any author who has a book listed for sale on ARe (check with your publisher if you aren't sure).While all proceeds from the sales of theses stories will be donated to the American Heart Association, this is a great promo opportunity and a chance to get your name out there~


And if you love spas, check out Hundreds of spas across the country are offering great deals and discounts during the week of October 12-18. If you're a spa junkie - or if you've never tried one but always wanted to - this is a great way to check out what some of the elite ones offer at a fraction of the price!


Finally, I saw the movie "Adam" last week and LOVED it. It's an independent film, the story of a 29-year old man with Asperger's Syndrome who's living in NYC and struggling to negotiate his first time falling in love, living without his father, finding a new job, etc. It was beautifully acted and filmed, and it absolutely captured the quirky characteristics of people with Asperger's (I have had a few students with Asperger's in the past). I think the movie might be on its way out of theaters, but if you have a chance, go see it. It was just wonderful!

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