Friday, November 27, 2009

Friday Fun Facts: Black Friday was your Thanksgiving?? Did you celebrate with family and/or friends? Were you home, or did you travel? And the big question, of course: will you be doing any shopping today, Black Friday?


My husband and I usually do tackle the stores on this day, though we aren't with the crazy troops who brave the cold and the dark sometime after midnight to wait in line for hours. No, we scan the flyers, figure out what we might like to get that everyone and their mother isn't gunning for, and we hit the stores around 6 or 7 am. Usually, we're back to the house by 9, and while the stores themselves are pretty full, and the lines pretty long, there's still a bit of a thrill to finding that awesome deal and scooping up the last of a super-sale item.

Some interesting facts about this day:

Although most people think the meaning of "Black Friday" is the day that retailers finally move from the red into the black, the term originated in Philadelphia because of the heavy traffic on that day!

However, the term has also been associated with financial crises, as far back as the 19th century.

Of course, it can also be a rather ugly day, as crowds of people are willing to literally stampede each other to get to that elusive, rare gift. Last year, a temporary Walmart worker on Long Island (NY) actually died when people trampled him to death as the store doors opened. Horrific. As a result, many Walmarts (at least in our area) are open 24 hours this year.

This day is also known as Blitz Day, and the official site for sales can be found here.

However you spend this day (maybe just recovering from yesterday??), I hope it's a good one!

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Andrew Gerald Hales said...

I went to Wal-Mart at 11:30am and waited in line for the $298 HP laptop. I was #1! out of, by 4:30am, around 50 people. I was so proud of myself.