Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday Fun Facts: It's Friday the 13th!!

Happy Friday the 13th! How many of you are superstitious??

Fun Fact #1: Interestingly enough, there were 3 Friday the 13ths in 2009 (Feb, March, and Nov), but the next time we will have 3 in one year will be 2015.

Fun Fact #2: The fear of Friday the 13th is called paraskevidekatriaphobia, and the fear of the number 13 is called triskaidekephobia - try saying those out loud!

Fun Fact #3: The roots of this fear go back at least to the 14th century's Canterbury Tales (most bad things seemed to happen on Fridays); the Knights Templar were supposedly mass arrested on a Friday the 13th in 1307, and even earlier than both of those, of course, for followers of Christianity, Jesus was crucified on a Friday.

It's interesting how superstitions and belief systems take root and grow, isn't it?


In other, non-superstitious news, I'm not sure the following is a "fun" fact, but since I'm active in my local animal shelter and I do what I can to raise awareness about animal rights, I wanted to share this video with you (plus I love the music!).

Please watch and, if you're so inclined, share with others on your own blogs/Facebook pages/etc....

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