Monday, January 11, 2010

Monday Mentionables: The 2010 Promo Push

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four hour days." ~Zig Ziglar

I'll admit it: I haven't done much in the way of book promotion in the last few months - well, since school begin, really. And promotion is a big part of the lifeblood of an author's success. You'll hear it in many, many places, and it's true: be prepared to do A LOT of your own promotion and marketing when you sign that publishing contract.

Now that the new year has started up in full swing, I'm trying to plan my promotion, especially since I have 2 books coming out in print and 2 coming out in audio book. Whew! Yes, of course I'm happy about all that, but it's a lot to juggle in my head.

What kinds of promotion will I do? Well, I've just ordered a slew of new bookmarks and oversized postcards for excerpt booklets, from Vista Print. I actually just got an email from a bookstore in Ohio asking me for some more booklets (I had sent them some about a year ago). I've taken out some cover ads on a couple of well-known romance reader websites and booked a few blog/author interview spots for around the time of each release.

I'll also send out press releases closer to each release date, and I'm starting to set up a few signings for the year as well. Oops! Guess that means I should update "Allie's Appearances" on my sidebar :) I'll be at the Yonkers Barnes and Noble on February 7 with some other local romance authors, and the woman who coordinates the book club in my hometown, where I've spoken the last 2 summers, just emailed to see if I'd be coming back again this year. Of course!

So...slowly but surely I am trying to get a handle on this promo thing! Now, it's off to work...

If you're an author, what kinds of promotion do you find works the best for you?

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Diane Craver said...

That's great about your promo! You've been busy!