Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Fun Facts:

First off, for any of my local friends, I'm having a book signing with a few other Samhain authors tomorrow, Saturday the 10th, at the Borders in the Galleria Mall (Middletown, NY), from 2-4 pm. One Night in Napa will be available in print for the first time, so stop down and say hello if you're in the area!

And now, some photos from my 4th of July weekend in Newport, Rhode Island (if you've never been, I highly recommend it. No photos of the amazing mansions that sit on the cliffs overlooking the harbor, but only because we've visited them before. If you haven't, that's something you can't miss when you're there).

Standing in front of the oldest library in the country

The Cliff Walk, overlooking one of the harbors

Newport Harbor, from our outdoor dinner table on the 4th

Fireworks over Newport Harbor

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Mom said...

Thanks, Ali. I enjoyed those.
Newport is a great place to visit.