Friday, September 03, 2010

Friday Fun Facts: Lady Jane's Salon!

Have any plans for the long weekend? (That don't involve visits to the East Coast beaches??) We're spending 3 days in Washington D.C. with our exchange student - got a good deal on hotel rooms and figured it was one of those must-do trips for someone visiting from another country. Any suggestions for best things to see and do? We've been once before, but it's been a while...


And in totally unrelated news, here's a plug for my fellow writing friend Cat Johnson, who'll be appearing at Lady Jane's Salon in NYC on Monday, September 6th. She'll be reading from her latest release as well as signing and selling books. If you're anywhere nearby, stop by and support her!

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Marianne Arkins said...

If I could only go one place, it would be the Smithsonian. I loved the Vietnam Memorial, too, but that probably wouldn't impact her as much as it did me.

Of course there's all the political places, but the Smithsonian is amazing and could take all three days to see!