Friday, October 08, 2010

Friday Fun Facts: Doing my Best to Make a Name

This past week, I was browsing in my local Borders, and I passed a table labeled "Featured Paperbacks." Imagine my total surprise and THRILL when I saw 2 of my books on the table - next to one by Jennifer Crusie! Wow wow wow...I have no idea what prompted it, but I do know the managers there. Maybe one felt like featuring a local author! Such a rush :)

I'm getting ready for my reading at Madame X's on November 1st - mark your calendars! At 7 pm I'll be joining 3 other authors, Stella Price, Sarah MacLean, and Terence Taylor for a featured reading at Lady Jane's Salon. I'm definitely nervous, but fellow author Cat Johnson, who read in September, was kind enough to share her tips. Among them: practice reading my selection OUT LOUD, bring water, and string together scenes that are engaging enough to be read but skip if I need to. It's not like anyone will be following along with the book!

And it's actually perfect timing, since Summer's Song releases the day after, November 2nd. Here's to keeping my nerves under control and making some sales! (And having some fun, since a few girlfriends are joining me for drinks and moral support)

Happy Friday!


Liz said...

I know I shouldn't be jealous that I won't be there to support you and hang out with the girls because I will be on a cruise - but I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Allie Boniface said...

I know I will miss you!