Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Writers' Wednesday: Dedicating Novels

Dedications - they're always a fun part of putting the finishing touches on a novel for me. I have 5 books in print, and my 5 dedications have been, in order to the following:

1. My parents & my 5th grade teacher
2. My husband
3. My sister and my best friend
4. My father (after he passed away)
5. Two of my oldest and best friends from childhood/college

My mom emailed to ask me about that last one, after she'd finished Summer's Song. She wondered if I'd told my one friend it was dedicated to her. I hadn't, partly, because by the time a book makes it to print, I've sometimes forgotten about the dedication. And partly, I'm not in close touch with that friend anymore. But it did get me to thinking - since I thought enough of our friendship back then to name her in the opening pages of a book, I probably should let her know, hm?

Fellow authors, what about you? How do you choose your book dedications - and do you always let the person know when you've chosen them?


Mom said...

Rachel would be very touched. I know I was when I realized who "Rachel V. was."

Diane Craver said...

I do let the people know when I dedicate my books to them. Great post!

Happy 2011 to you, Allie!