Monday, May 09, 2011

Monday Mentionables: The Help

"We are just two people. Not that much separates us. Not nearly as much as I'd thought."

I know I wrote a little while back that I had started reading The Help, a debut novel by Kathryn Stockett about the world of black domestics serving white families in the South in the 1960s. I finished it over the weekend, and my original assessment stands: it's fantastic. The voice, the story, the perpsective, the glimpse into a world I knew very little about...I loved all of it. It captivated me in a way few novels have done recently.'s been made into a movie, to be released this summer! I'm so looking forward to it, and from the looks of the trailer, it seems like they've kept a lot of the crucial parts & characters the same (oh, I hope so!)

Enjoy - and if you haven't read this book yet, what are you waiting for?

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