Friday, June 24, 2011

Friday Fun Facts: Last Day of School!

Last day of school! Yes, New York State is (finally) done for the school year! Now to tackle all those writing projects I haven't had time for all year long...

But speaking of which, looking at that video clip I posted Wednesday, it's true more often that not: people who have never written a book of any kind really don't have a true concept of how much work is involved. I mean, that's probably true of a number of skills/projects/professions. But it continues to surprise me all the same. Right now, a number of my friends & relatives are asking when my next book is coming out, and I have to say "I don't know" because I don't have one contracted at this point. There's a whole slew of reasons why, of course, and I wish I did, but life and a full-time job do sometimes get in the way. But I do think many readers think, oh, a few weeks/months and you can turn out a book. Doesn't take took long after that, right? Most people don't realize it's AT LEAST a year once you go through edits, cover design, and finalizing copy before a book hits the shelves.

But I still have people tell me they have a great idea for a book, they've written some pages down already, and could I just give them some resources where they could find out about publishing it? And of course I do (I always start people at Absolute Write - great initial resource), but I wonder how many of them follow through. Then of course there are those people who have a great IDEA and want me to write the story "with" them (I think that means their "idea" and my sweat & time & heartache in turning it into a novel).

So interesting to witness the learning curve - and so rewarding to have a group of friends and a support network of fellow writers who understand exactly how much is involved.

Happy Friday!


Diane Craver said...

Great post, Allie! You would not believe how many people ask me to help them find an agent or publisher and to read their manuscripts. I have even had someone recently ask me to help him write his book and get a publisher for his work. A student once emailed me after seeing my website and wanted my help with her essay. She had an attitude and said that it shouldn't be a problem for me since I was a published author. LOL I'm thinking of making a form letter to send to everyone with some suggestions to answer the usual writing questions.

I agree - people just don't realize how time-consuming it is to write an book, then to go thru 3 rounds of editing before it can be published. Then promoting the book is another exhausting process.

Laurence Brown said...

Hey Allie! Even I would like to ask you this question 'When is your next book coming out?' ha ha.. Anyways, I haven't read the Summer's Song and it is certainly looking interesting. I will finish it off first then will come back again with my original question. I hope you will not mind..

daniel pattinson said...

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