Monday, August 08, 2011

Monday Mentionables: Finishing, Researching, and Waiting for "The Help"

Finished my current WIP today, "Beacon of Love"!! Well, finished the first draft, anyway. But at 72K words, I'm thrilled with the way it turned out, especially the ways in which the characters developed. I have to give credit, again, to this page on agent Donald Maass's website. Every so often if I was feeling stuck, I'd peruse one (or a bunch) of his suggestions to deepen the scene/emotion/character/conflict, and inevitably it got me through some writer's block moments. Once I get some kind of blurb written for it, I'll share it here so you can get the gist of the story. I'm really happy with it :)

In other news, the RWA Golden Heart (unpublished) and RITA (published) winners for 2011 were recently announced, and in the name of research I downloaded a few sample pages on my Nook of some of them. What better way to see what's selling and what's being loved by readers than to check out some big-time winners, right? Besides, I'm going on vacation next week and also have a couple of long plane rides coming up in September, so I need my Nook fully loaded! Any must-reads you'd recommend?

Speaking of must-reads, I'm so excited that the movie version of "The Help" is coming out this week! Best book I read this year, hands-down. I can't wait to see how it translates to the big screen. Here's the trailer:

Happy Monday!

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JL Walters said...

Congrats on finishing the story. Reads depends on what you like to read. If you let me know I can perhaps give some suggestions.