Friday, October 07, 2011

Friday Fun Facts: A Fun Vacation in an Unexpected Place

OK, so last weekend I was in Iceland with my mom, celebrating an early birthday for her! I know what you're thinking: Iceland? Really?

Yes, really. It's only about a 5-hour flight from New York, and we got a great deal on TravelZoo (I recommend subscribing to their "Top 20" email list which comes out every Wednesday with the best travel deals around the world, of all kinds). Anyway, we decided to give it a try. What a great trip! Iceland is beautiful, it's charming, it's small and laidback and easy to get around. They have geysers and glaciers and waterfalls, all within about an hour's drive of each. We even tried out a steam bath (outdoors, of course!) in the middle of a gray, rainy day! And if you want a little European culture, the capital, Reykjavik, can be walked in ab out 15 minutes. We just loved it.
So yes, I recommend going there if you ever have the chance. One caution: save up your $$! This place is super-expensive, especially its food and drink. But well worth it!

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