Monday, November 28, 2011

Monday Mentionables: A Guest Blog and a Contest!

Happy Monday everyone! Today I'm guest blogging over at Savvy Authors, all about trimming the deadwood from our writing. I presented some of this info at a Savvy Authors mini-workshop over the summer and got a lot of positive feedback from the participants, so I'm bringing it back with some changes and additions.

And...a sneak peek at my December blog giveaway: everyone who comments, either here or on any of my guest posts this month, will have their name put in the running (for EVERY comment)for a chance to win a "Keeping Warm in Winter" gift package:

~Signed copy of my novel Summer's Song
~Signed copy of debut author Liz Matis's steamy novel Love by Design
~Warm woolly socks
~Gourmet hot cocoa
~And a few other surprises tucked inside!

Unfortunately, due to shipping costs, the winner must be a US resident.

Even though this contest officially begins on Friday December 1, I'm counting all comments from today forward. Join me over at Savvy Authors today!

Finally, I want to wish my mom a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY today!! (I won't give away her age, because you probably wouldn't believe it if you saw her anyway. Hope I get her longevity genes!)

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Mom said...

Thanks for your kind comments, Ali. As the quote in my kitchen says,"Now there's nothing left but to keep dancing," and that is exactly what I plan to do the rest of my wonderful years!