Monday, December 05, 2011

Monday Mentionables: Holiday Traditions

Happy Monday everyone! (Remember, every comment during the whole month of December earns you another chance to win my "Keeping Warm in Winter" gift package!)

Over the weekend, we celebrated an early Christmas with my side of the family in the town of Skaneatles, New York - which was extra-charming because every weekend in December, the village rewinds to Charles Dickens' times, and wandering Victorians carol and re-enact scenes from "A Christmas Carol" and generally remind you of a much simpler time. My favorite photo:

The woman's sign says "Where there's drink, there's always danger!" (Of course, I think to keep warm in Victorian England a lot of people drank a lot of liquor, but at least there were a few teetotalers like these women around to post warnings!)

Anyway, we had a great time, and now that our house is mostly decorated for the holidays, I'm feeling in the mood! We'll probably get our tree this-coming weekend, though it seems like a lot of people already have theirs up. What about you? If you have a Christmas tree, do you put it up at the same time every year? And when is that? Do you have a tradition for putting it up and taking it down?


Charmaine Gordon said...

We put up a small tree the middle of December and take it down soon after New Years day. For little while, our cozy home is bereft of cheerful decorations and then we snuggle in while I continue to write and he does his mysterious man things.

Happy Holidays and thanks for the glimpse into your interesting past.

tammy ramey said...

we usually put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving. mostly because it is the only time everyone will be home to do it again until Christmas. then we take it down on either New Years or the day after.

i hope you and yours have a Happy Holiday Season.

Lynne said...

Tree always goes up day after thanksgiving

Have a good Christmas!+

Unknown said...

The sign cracks me up. I wonder if ladies like these really did sit out in the cold with their signs warning of the evils of drinking. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

Great prize! I love the photos.

Katie said...

Happy Christmas !Our Christmas tree goes up after Thanksgiving.I love the photos on your site.