Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday Fun Facts: Progress

So I have started revising my novella Tequila Sunrise and am through the first 2 chapters, about 10 pages in. I'm happy with the way it's going; I'm trying to do a little more character development (but I really don't want to turn this into a novel!!) and figure out what sub-plots to emphasize and which to drop.

I'm considering submitting this to either Carina Press or Entangled Publishing when it's ready. Entangled is pretty new, which would normally scare me off a little, but it's run by the follks at Savvy Author, and I like and respect their site, and I like the look of their book covers. Anyone heard anything about them or had any first-hand experience with them?

I've also been looking at Blush, Ellora's Cave sensual imprint that's PG-13/R-rated as opposed to their normally erotic focus. I didn't even know they had this imprint until just recently, but again, I might do a little more asking around before I submit to them.

So many e-publishers these always writers, do your homework before signing a contract with anyone!

Ok, I'm off to tackle some more of Tequila Sunrise. My word count goals await!


Liz said...

You can ask Jennifer Probst about Entangled - she'll has 3 titles coming out with them. And I think I heard they just applied to do mass market paperbacks

JL Walters said...

The great thing about today is there are many places to submit. All you mentioned are possibles. Take it one publisher at a time unless they permit multiple submissions.

ritaoberlies said...

I just signed a contract with Entangled and I'm really excited. I've previously worked with Samhain and TWRP but really felt this book would be a match for Entangled's new category imprint. So far my experience has been extremely positive!