Friday, March 16, 2012

Friday Fun Facts: Auction Goods and Mommy Porn

Hey, everyone! The Brenda Novak Online Auction will start up next month, and both Yours Truly and the Hudson Valley RWA have donated prizes just waiting for your bids! Writers can bid on a 25-page critique by 3 published Hudson Valley RWA members, and readers can bid on an awesome Vera Bradley tote filled with donated books from our members. might be interested in snagging yourself my "Summer Fun" tote instead :)


In other news, has anyone read the new/next hugely popular erotic romance trilogy Fifty Shades of Grey? Nicknamed by some as "mommy porn" for its appeal to housewives/mothers who are re-discovering their sex lives thanks to its inspiration (hey, I don't judge, I just report), it's a small-press published book by a first-time author that's gone viral in the world of romance (and non-romance) readers. I read the first few pages over at Amazon and will reserve judgement at this point. Will I read the whole thing? Maybe. In truth, I'd rather work on my own writing, though...

Happy Friday!

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Janet Lane Walters said...

I agree with you about rather be working on my own writing.