Monday, March 05, 2012

Monday Mentionables: Seeing "The Artist"

I finally saw the movie "The Artist" over the weekend (you know, the silent film that won 5 Oscars this year, including Best Picture and Best Actor). So what did I think?

Well, it's very cute and charming. Very sweet and entertaining. And hey, it has Uggie (super-cute dog) in almost every scene, hamming it up for the camera. Overall, the storyline is pretty straight-forward: it's about a silent movie star who becomes washed up while the pretty young girl he helped "discover" goes on to become a star of talking movies while his life falls apart. No spoilers here, but don't fear - it does have a happy ending.

While I enjoyed it, I didn't think it merited Best Picture honors. I felt very much as if I was in the 1920s, watching a nice silent film. I think it probably won because it was a novelty for 2012. However, I will say that Jean Dujardin deserved the Best Actor award for his really moving performance - all achieved without words. And the musical score, which also won an Oscar, really added to the nuances of the plot. Loved the score.

Here's the trailer:

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